When I started taking Marvelous Calm CBD mints, I was hoping that they would help me manage my stress, especially the stress that comes with dieting. I had weighed over 400 pounds for most of my life. As I hoped, they promoted a sense of calm and eased my stress.

What I didn’t expect was the extent to which they reduced my appetite and curbed my food cravings. They were so effective that dieting became an afterthought. All I did was count calories to make sure I didn’t eat out of mere habit. In a little over a year, I lost 130 pounds and ended up weighing less than I did when I graduated high school. I haven’t gained any of the weight back in a year and a half.

These days, when I am craving food too soon after eating, all it does is remind me that I forgot to take my mint. I sleep better, eat better and I’m more focused without the constant distractions of an anxious mind.


Marvelous Calm Partner

I read about John’s success and thought it was worth a try. After a couple weeks of “listening to the mints” when it came to food cravings, I found that I wasn’t craving junk food and I was satisfied with small healthy snacks through the day rather than bigger meals. At times I didn’t even realize I was hungry until my stomach growled. I also noticed myself mellowing out and not getting as quickly frustrated when the kids were acting up. It’s been about nine months now and I’ve gone from 199 lbs down to 146, just by reducing how much food I take in. I’m incredibly happy with the results and would recommend trying it.


Marvelous Calm customer

I started taking these mints to help with my anxiety. They started to help immediately. Less anxiety, better sleep and overall feeling better. Amazing product!


Marvelous Calm customer

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