I was wrong about dieting

Signpost says right, wrong, it dends

I had a problem. I came up with a solution. The solution was wildly successful. Was I right? Not exactly.

When you have an answer to a question, you can be right, you can be wrong, or, somewhere in between.

I thought my problem was that I couldn’t stay on a diet because of my anxiety. So I treated my anxiety and lost weight. What I actually found was that although it was true that anxiety kept me from being successful on a diet, anxiety was the reason that I was eating too much in the first place. Once my anxiety was reduced, I lost over 100 pounds and didn’t even need to diet.


What I thought was the problem


My History

I weighed over 400 pounds most of my adult life. When I would try to lose weight, I noticed a pattern develop that would derail my diet every time. It went like this…

Step 1 – Fight Off Anxiety

Begin a diet. On Day 1, deal with an avalanche of anxiety. Worry constantly about never being able to eat what I want again. The vast majority of my diets didn’t make it to Day 2.

Step 2 – Temporary Success

If I manage to struggle through all of the anxiety, a few days go by and a new routine of less food and sometimes more exercise is established. The scale shows a big initial weight loss and I feel good, for a while.

Step 3 – Anxiety Returns

Then something happens…

  • Go on vacation. Forget about the diet. Come Back. Return to Step 1.
  • Eat more during the Holidays. The Holidays are over. Return to Step 1.
  • Go out with friends. Eat. Return to Step 1.
  • Don’t lose weight one week. Ask what’s the point. Have a big meal. Return to Step 1
  • Etc., etc., etc., Always back to Step 1.


My Diagnosis

I decided that my anxiety was keeping me from successfully staying on a diet. I started looking into anxiety remedies. At that time, I couldn’t find any natural remedies that seemed safe. I didn’t want to take prescription anti-anxiety medication because it seemed too powerful, addictive and had weight gain as a side effect. So, I tried to focus on diets that I thought would produce less anxiety and tried to be aware of my anxiety while dieting. It helped a little but I was stuck in the same pattern just at a slightly lower weight.

Eventually, I heard about CBD.




My CBD Solution

CBD was supposed to help with anxiety. It was legal, non-addictive and low doses seem to work better for anxiety. I decided to try CBD to treat my anxiety and then go on a diet.

My idea was that if I took CBD for my anxiety, I would lose the anxiety that comes with dieting and be able to lose weight.


The Way it actually works

This is when I discovered that my anxiety was the reason I was overeating in the first place. Once the CBD helped me control my anxiety, I didn’t have a problem with food and I started losing weight without having to resort to dieting.

This is detailed in my blog post The Anxiety-Weight Gain cycle (see link below).

So my solution worked. It just solved a bigger problem than the one I was trying to solve. I was wrong but in the best possible way.

About Us

At Marvelous Calm, we explore the benefits of using low dose CBD lozenges to help with anxiety. These lozenges can have a beneficial effect on anxiety and appetite as well as helping with insomnia. Without anxiety, food regains its proper place to relieve hunger. Dieting is no longer necessary for weight loss. We believe the calm provided by CBD leads to better physical and mental health.


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Find your Calm

CBD affects everyone differently. But studies have shown that CBD may help increase concentration, maintain healthy stress levels and reduce the desire to “stress eat”. CBD does not make you feel high, just calm.

Find your Calm

CBD affects everyone differently. But studies have shown that CBD may help increase concentration, maintain healthy stress levels and reduce the desire to “stress eat”. CBD does not make you feel high, just calm.

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